Online Marketing Case Study:

Here at Asian American Media we want to help our readers become successful so we decided to take some time to put together a test case on one of our business models that anyone can reproduce and make a livable wage anywhere in the world within a few short months. This is not some Internet scam or get rich quick scheme, this is tried and true method of developing a semi passive income online from your home or on the road!
So what did we decide to do.. . ? We sat around and thought how was the best way to show our readers how we make a substantial monthly income and so we decided to open the doors on one of our sites currently under development and document our progress. The site we choose was…. Drum roll please!!!  our online tool review site.

Our Goal:

We are going to break down exactly how we are going to take a fresh (brand new) domain name, build it, rank it and monetize it (make money from it). We will provide links to all the tools we use and show you how to use them. We might make some videos but there are a LOT of them out there so we will probably point you to the ones we find the most useful. If you follow our steps in the end you will have a website that can make $200 – $2000 a month semi passively
There are two ways about building sites, built them yourself or outsource them. We are going to try and cover both and try and provide reliable resources for either way you choose. We are going to show you the following in simple to follow steps to help you become successful.
  • Types of monetization – this is one of the places we always start because you do not want to get a GREAT idea to find out hours later there is no way to make money at it.
  • Keyword Research – this is one of the most important steps in the process and we are going to explain how to find a good niche with low competition to start building.
  • How to have logos created – both on the cheap and a bit more expensive through crowd sourcing
  • How to get content – both self writing (the inexpensive way) and out sourcing to professional writers.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO as they call it in the industry – this topic can be very confusing but we are going to show you how to both do it yourself and how to outsource it.
    • On-Page SEO
    • Anchor Text – Great Article by Gotch SEO!
    • Link Building
      • Guest Posting
      • Citations
      • Context Links
      • Link Pyramids
    • Social Media Signals
  • Online Tools – These will help you do Research and Check Competition, Position, Stats
  • Outsourcing – how to find/build teams to automate this whole process

So Lets Start Making Money Online!

The first step we will cover is Types of Monetization, this article from WebsiteSetup is a great start and covers 33 ways to make money online. We personally love Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click, Sponsored Posts (paid Guest Posting) and build sites all the time with these methods.

How to Choose a Website Monetization Method:

When looking build out Tool Nerds we started with what we knew, we made a list of all our hobbies, skills, talents, likes and interests and wrote down about 50 different things we could build a site on. It just so happened that I was in the market for a paint sprayer and my partner had currently been looking for a multimeter so we decided to see if building a tool site would be worth the work. My partner Brian and I are pretty OCD and we both have very high standards so when we were contemplating our niche we knew we would build something highly professional with top quality graphics, writings and content, we knew we didn’t want to build what is called a micro niche site which is designed around 1 concept or product and we wanted room to grow. We decided on an overall tool site where we could keep building and growing it and were not cornered into just one tool. After we decided on a tool review/information site we started to dig into ways to make some money with it. Amazon has a great and popular affiliate program called amazon associates where you make a sliding commission based on the type of items you sell. Amazon Program Commission Fee Based on the commission table we knew we would have a niche that would have a 4% – 8% commission so we knew how much we could make per item shipped. We broke down Tool Nerds into what are called Silos, one for each tool type, the first being Paint Sprayers Reviews the other being Multimeters Reviews.   Quick Tips:
  1. build a list hobbies, skills, talents, likes and interests – you are going to be writing and / or reading a lot about the topic so its very helpful if your interested in learning more about it, it also helps if you feel you can write 20,000 – 100,000 words about it.

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