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The Asian American community has grown over the years. They now form a significant portion of the total American population. The majority of the Asian American communities are found in the major cities such as New York, Texas, California, Washington, and others. They are doing better than the white Americans in many aspects, such as the education and income sectors. Asian Americans have the highest educational attainment among any racial group in America. This news portal was formed in 1998 and is specially designed for the Asian American community. You will get the latest news on business, media, marketing and related topics that concern this particular community.

The Asian American community is contributing a lot to the American economy. They are among the top entrepreneurs, students and highest earners. They are taking an active part in moving the American economy forward. Every day, you will read interesting posts on business and media related to the Asian American population. Looking at the past trend of achievements by this community, it is evident that this community has a lot to offer towards the economic development of the country. It is now time to give our full attention to this group and provide them with enough resources so that they can do much better in future.

We have experienced journalists who bring the latest and most authentic news to us. We check our news from several sources before publishing it on our portal. We have business advisors, marketing and media personnel in our team who provides insights and analysis on the news. These experts and the journalists together write each post for the portal. This ensures that the news is not misinterpreted by the financial advisors. Besides providing news, the portal gives advice regarding things like how to enter the Asian American market, what is the best approach to promote products or services to this segment of the population, etc. So, those businesses who are thinking of targeting this community for their product or service benefit greatly from this site.

We have a guest post and sponsored post opportunities for you. So, you can use our site as a platform to promote your product or service. We have a special team of writers who can help you regarding this matter.We have a forum where you can join other people with the same interest and discuss on important business, media and marketing topics in connection with the Asian American community. If you have any inquiries, please write to us. We have live chat option using which you can communicate with us instantly.With update our site with fresh content every day. Please visit our site regularly and learn more about the Asian American community and how they are progressing.

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